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Sebastian Reyes, more commonly known as SimsSebastian, is a former Helper, Moderator, and Administrator of the Dawn Haven community. He joined in October 2015 while looking for a new community to join after the server he was working as a developer on at the time had to shut down. He currently holds the top position on the mcMMO power leaderboards and is well respected by the community due to his knowledge and involvement with the Dawn Haven management.

His work as a staff member mostly consisted of plugin integration and configuration, staff management, general bug fixing, and general player aid. As a minor role, he was also in charge of high management orientation in regard to server configuration and general communication.

He currently holds no position in the staff team but is usually regarded as a consultant for Arcaleus and the rest of the administrative team. It is currently unknown if there are any plans for him to return as a staff member or if he has left his staff duties for good.

Tiger Commando Squad Edit

Sebastian is the leader of a currently inactive server faction known as the Tiger Commando Squad (TCS). This faction specializes in recruiting and empowering top grade PvP players and is well known for having access to an abundant amount of resources such as mob grinders, mcMMO grinders, Dawn and event items, Slimefun items, and unbreakable items.

Some notable members of this faction include several former and current staff members such as ThaLegendofMusic, adamos000, Qpeety, and CT_Paladin, as well as a temporary alliance with the Sun Army during the first Sun vs Moon War.

Due to the inactivity of various major members, this faction has ceased its activities and is currently considered inactive. It is not known if the TCS will be open for recruitment later on or if it will keep its current private state of affairs.

Controversy Edit

Ban Appeal Edit

Sebastian was temporarily banned from the Dawn Haven server for allegedly griefing the player he was currently sharing a house with, TSPEN421. The case began when Sebastian broke and stored several mob spawners inside another player's property, which prompted an investigation concluding in Sebastian's temporary ban, by TheMoodyFox, under charges for griefing.

Several hours later, Sebastian submitted a ban appeal[1] explaining that the spawners he removed were his own property and wondering how this would affect his planned staff application. After the case was reviewed, Sebastian was declared innocent and was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Crash Reports Edit

While Sebastian was working as an administrator of the Dawn Haven community, several claims were made that he was guilty of accidentally causing several server crashes and data loss. While no proof exists that this is true, it is popularly accepted that the crashes happened due to plugin and configuration manipulation making him the main suspect. The popular hashtag, #BlameSims, was created due to the aforementioned events.

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