Alts: Elodea, Equates, End

Zim (me) joined dawnhaven in October of 2016. I played on dawnhaven for two days until I declared it was my new home. By the second day, I was Solar and had already joined the race to baltop. The competition was always something extremely important to me and I showed it. I played for quite some time and slowly befriended a lot of the people on the server (towards the beginning everything was peachy keen!). About a month after I had my rank I had already achieved number five on baltop (Impressive right?!) At least I thought so. My first major project on dawnhaven was the stock market which I started with the Penn family.  The Stock market didnt do good the first week, then everyone began to buy in. I was an instantly number three on baltop. I would sell stocks, use farms to add status to the stock and then fold it back into the original investment charging a 20% fee. It worked great until it turned into an endless google doc of records and rules and people began to pull out. After the stock market ended I had all the money I needed and I now needed a place to live so I again worked with penn and bough an amazing mansion in penn heights. Shortly after, the server was reset and I lost my home (cry). I then was hired as the Penn CFO (Cheif Financial officer). I worked with Ryan and the penn family to secure a future fortune for the Penns but. . . that didnt work out. We all had different ideas on how money should be spent. Shortly after I began making choices about money without permission due to personal prefrence and was fired. I was ok with that because, me and a dear old friend Pookachu went into buisness together and began crafting a mega farm (Pooka built it all). We made alottt of money especially before the economy was rebalanced. Then Domnatrix and Pooka both helped me raise 10 million dollars so I could buy celestial! That was cool. After that I went into buisness with chosley (whoops) and out of pure stupidness planned one of the most intricate and detailed heists ever.